Why do businesses fail?

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Why do businesses fail?

There is only ONE reason.
It’s not your business partner…
It’s not your impossible customers…
It’s not your product…
It’s not your suppliers…
It’s not your spouse (my favorite)…
It’s not the economy…
It’s not the government…
(And it’s not Brexit or Trump!)

The only reason you will fail is because of ONE thing.

Why do businesses fail? 

The Entrepreneur.
You know this.
But we’re all afraid to face this reality.
As entrepreneurs, we get obsessed about the details of running our businesses.
Making sales.
Figuring out online marketing.
Finding the right employees.
Dealing with customers.
Profit & loss statements.
Accounts receivables.
The list goes on and on…
You can find people to teach you these.
They are not fundamentally hard.
Yet they are SO necessary – it is why we focus on them…
Just like your competition does.
But if all you do is focus on tactics, you will only have an average business.
So, how do you set yourself apart from the other businesses?
It’s your strategy.

I can count on one hand the number of business coaches I go to for world-class strategic advice.
One of them is Jay Abraham, who changed my business career so many years ago at a seminar in London.
Jay taught me that a great strategy makes your tactics work 10X harder.
And that great strategy must guide every tactical decision in your business.
This is what sets businesses apart.
On top of strategy, there’s another level still.
Great strategy combined with relentless execution.
It is such a rare thing in business.
It’s like a fine-tuned race car firing on all cylinders – with an amazing driver behind the wheel.
Like the driver, you as a business owner are crucial.
Because even the best race car in the world goes nowhere without a driver.
The same goes for your business.
Unless you know how to drive the car well, you will never be successful.
Unless you know how to manage yourself, you cannot run your business at the highest possible level.
Without mastering yourself – your mindset – all the strategy and the tactics in the world are useless.
I know this all too well.

Over 27 years, I have had my fair share of business successes AND failures.
For over 15 years, I was a senior trainer for Tony Robbins.
I had the privilege of partnering with the late, great Chet Holmes.
I introduced Chet to Tony. Together they taught a course called Business Mastery.
I have coached hundreds of business owners. From aspiring entrepreneurs, to billionaires.
And through all of this, I have observed the same.
Every business failure comes down to one thing.
The business owner.

This is why I founded the Sage Academy.
And this matters for one very real reason.
In 20 years, up to 60% of the jobs we do today will be gone.
Automation. Outsourcing. Artificial intelligence. Self-driving cars.
Without these jobs, what’s the future for the next generation? What will be the effect on society?
The jobs that WE (entrepreneurs) create matter.
That is the mission behind the Sage Academy:
To inspire a new global movement of entrepreneurs.
To reinvent entrepreneurs so they can create the jobs of tomorrow.

By applying 3 pillars of entrepreneurial success:
[*] Mindset.
[*] Strategy.
[*] Tactics.

All the Best,
Peter Sage

Over 27 years, I have started over two dozen businesses.
I have been a business coach for over 15 years. I have learned from the masters.
Tony Robbins taught me how to live a life of Growth and Contribution.
Chet Holmes taught me the power of Business Mastery.
George Zalucki opened my eyes to Self-Mastery.
They say when you first learn to play an instrument, you play other people’s music.
Then you start to write your own.
In London [17 – 19 March], I will be hosting the next edition of the Sage Business School.
Sage Business School is my symphony to the the world.
It is the synthesis of all I learned by applying the work of these great masters.
Over 3 days, I will lead 350 business owners as they compose a new anthem of entrepreneurship.
Reinventing themselves and their businesses in the process.
To learn more about the Sage Business School.
Sign up for 3 Free videos on Mindset, Strategy & Tactics.
Then take a short 10 Business Master Skills assessment to find out where you stand as an entrepreneur.


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